Beijing… we’re here!

So it’s been a while since my last post. Let’s just say… Beijing has taking a LITTLE adjusting to. First myth debunked… Beijing is NOT a fully developed society and is no NYC, London, or even Washington DC.. f what you heard. Seriously. Beijing is a fastly up and coming city with the many paradoxes in one place. You have Maybachs and Rolls Royce’s driving past Tuk Tuks and bicycles on the congested new highways. Very few locals have any food safety/sanitation awareness, and the average person does not speak english. Supposedly Shanghai is different, but here in Beijing… we are really in old-world China (don’t let the new, tall buildings fool you).

I will back track with some of our stories in following posts. But, overall, the above sums it all up. The Henley family take away is this – learn chinese toute de suite… oh shoot I mean XianZai. The kiddos will have a daily chinese tutor (courtesy of the Embassy), and Stacy and I are also in language for 3-5 hrs every week. You wanna get around the city with no car and no chinese… that’s an episode for SURVIVOR or perhaps American Ninja Warrior (walk, run… however you can get your body to transport itself 10-20 miles).

For all that are following… we are doing great (despite the challenges). Kids love school (started last week), we are in our house (American-style), and Embassy work isn’t too shabby.

BTW- I just saw my first episode of KUWTK (if you don’t know what that means DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT). And I now feel reconnected with my old-self. Ahhhh… materialism, excessive resources, and skinnyness…. all of the things that are no longer…lol.

Tianjien til next time.

Author: Naomi

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